From the monthly archives: January 2011

I saw this link come across Twitter today courtesy of Mike Laverick (@Mike_Laverick, and wanted to make a couple comments about it because it's a subject really gets me worked up…

HP to Launch Enterprise Cloud Service

This isn't academic for me, I WAS one of those SPs that counted on HP […]

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One of the challenges with enterprise storage, is well, it usually takes an enterprise full of people, or with some vendors a healthy PS budget, to install, upgrade and maintain them.  With some (most?) enterprises trending towards younger, cheaper staff who are asked to be jacks of many trades and masters of none, hardware vendors have […]

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VMware Partner Exchange 2011 is less than a month away, and I'm excited to use that event as a platform to talk to Service Provider and ISV partners (and prospective partners!) about the Vblock, about the vertical and horizontal solutions we are building on top of those Vblocks and about the roadmap for VCE in […]

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I'll be up front with you: I'm a poster child for failing to live up to resolutions I've made in the past, so there's some risk in putting this out here were everyone can see.  Maybe it will make my failure that much more public; maybe it will help me put in the time and […]

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