From the monthly archives: May 2011

It’s good to see that VCE isn’t the only converged infrastructure stack provider out there who has realized that solutions are going to be hugely important to customers.  As part of the team who is tasked with finding out what our Service Provider customers want to implement on top of Vblocks, working with the VCE […]

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The VMware keynote at EMC World 2011 focused on defining the move into a "post-PC" world. It's been a fairly common refrain for VMware for the last couple years, but in this particular keynote I got the impression that we seem to be preparing for a world where the hypervisor isn't front and center […]

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It's possible (probable?) that this is common knowledge for those of you who have to deal with this every day, but I'm going to post it in hopes it's useful, and so I can document it for myself!

I've been working in the lab, trying to get all of the pieces I'll need to be able […]

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I apologize that this post is so long in coming. Thanks to everyone who asked if I had more content coming, I’ll try and get everything dumped over the next couple days. I appreciate everyone’s patience!

Day two of EMC World 2011 was definitely my favorite of the week. The trickle of VCE […]

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One of the things that I’m excited about at EMC World 2011 this year is that it feels like EMC is (finally?) coming around to really embrace the Service Providers as a business model, and more specifically as partners.  There were two Monday announcements that highlighted this new trend, both of which will make a […]

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Day One is in the books, and man was it a crazy one.  After getting to sleep around 1am, everyone reported bright and early for the vLabs role-call at 6:30am.  The team did kick-ass work getting everything ready to go, and here’s a good pic of Chris Horn getting the troops fired up before […]

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What a day.  Since I arrived yesterday afternoon the amount of work that has been done behind-the-scenes is incredible.  I wish there was someone making a video/documentary about the work involved in pulling something this big, this massive, off just so that everyone could appreciate the dedication that EMC and their partners put into this […]

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I’m in the air and on the way to Las Vegas to participate in the largest EMC World conference ever, and can’t wait to get there.  EMC has been gracious enough to plug me into their Social Media Machine™ for the week, so the plan is to live-blog the larger events as they happen, and […]

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