From the monthly archives: February 2012

Now that the event is over, and everyone is safely back to their normal lives, I wanted to send up a quick recap of the conference.  If this event was a precursor to how the VCE 2012 event schedule is going to go, I’m very excited!

Before each event, the marketing team puts together […]

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With the day one issues all put to bed, day two was awesome.  The conference seemed much more lively today, and we ended up having a great day of booth presentations, VPLEX demos and hands on labs.

One of the presentations that I enjoyed the most was from Gideon Wilkins, the Director of Strategic […]

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Have you ever read the Calvin and Hobbes comic strips?  I grew up with them, and am a huge fan.  One of my favorite recurring things in the series was the concept of “Calvinball”, which was their way of rebelling against the rules they were surrounded by every day.  The only rules were that […]

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