Once again, it’s time to break down the vExpert group and take a look at how this collection of people is organized.  I was surprised at how well received this blog post was last year, and to have people asking when I would put it together this year!  Some notes, before we get started:

  1. All of the data below has been contributed by vExperts themselves or has been pulled from public sources like Twitter and LinkedIn.  I wasn’t given any information about the vExpert group by VMware other than the publicly shared list.
  2. The graphics I’m using below are dynamic and will update themselves (on refresh) as data is added or changed on the primary Google Spreadsheet.  There are about 200 or so records that haven’t been updated yet, so the stats will change as those people add their information!  If you think/know the numbers are wrong, have a vExpert log in and update the data!
  3. The link to the Google Spreadsheet is in the vExpert forum on VMTN and is only available to vExperts.

With that out of the way, let’s look at some of the data!

  • While the vExpert team is still predominately based in the USA, the number of foreign-based award winners is pretty impressive.
  • Twitter is increasingly becoming a must-have for vExperts.
  • 330 of 577 vExperts have a blog or other online presence listed
  • 67 people have been awarded the vExpert designation for all five years of the program
  • 45 have been awarded for four years
  • 83 have been awarded for three years
  • 131 were awarded the vExpert for the second time
  • 250 were awarded for the first time.  There may also be some people who were awarded in 2009 and 2010 who are coming back to the program after a two year absence, but since that data wasn’t included with the list this year we won’t know until those folks update the spreadsheet…
  • 461 of 577 vExperts have their employer publicly available.  They are employed by a total of 302 different companies, and the breakdown looks like this:
    I think that some of these companies deserve a lot of credit.  Veeam added two additional members this year, leading the list of VMware software partners.  Varrow decisively took over the lead for VMware partners, doubling their number of vExperts to 8, and HP increased theirs to 9!  VCE (my employer) also made big strides, adding 7 more vExperts to lead all companies other than VMware and EMC with 12 total!Also notable is that while VMware grew their number significantly, from 33 to 55, EMC decreased to 17, possibly coinciding with the re-organization of the vSpecialist team and the number of people who moved from EMC to VMware.
  • 34 companies had multiple vExperts on staff
  • 269 companies had one vExpert on staff
  • A total of 302 companies world-wide have a vExpert on staff!

As in past years, I’m very happy to be part of this group.  It really is both a recognition of the effort put in and a platform to be able to give back even more to the community.  In 2011 I was shocked that I was included, in 2012 I was surprised, and now in 2013 I feel like I understand my role.  Thank you to all of our friends at VMware that make this program possible, and thank you for letting me part of it!


Luc Dekens had made a comment below about being interested in the vExpert “density” per capita in each of the countries represented.  Once he gave me a link to a Google Spreadsheet with global population data in it, I couldn’t resist.  It required me to teach myself the Google Visualization API Query Language, which was fun, but I got the data he wanted (Please note, these percentages are per 1,000 people, so if you want to see the percentage of the actual population, you’ll need to add three zeros after the decimal point.  I’ve left it this way because it’s easier to chart the numbers, but thank you to Jimmy Hester for pointing out the math in the comments!) :

As you can see, Iceland takes the cake with 0.3% of the entire population of the country holding a vExpert designation. :-) Luc’s guess about the Netherlands was close, but they ended up tied for second with Luxembourg! Any other stats you’d like to see?

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74 Responses to 2013 vExpert Group, By the Numbers

  1. Awesome….love me some Analytics !!

    • JeramiahDooley says:

      This would have been easier with a Greenplum appliance, an Isilon cluster and an assistant. Let me know if EMC can help with any of those…

  2. One of the best post announce posts so far. Real value add here. I think I’m like many others that didn’t post their employer, we don’t work for companies that are partners of VMware or our brands are independent from the companies we work for.

    • JeramiahDooley says:

      To be honest, I’m MORE interested in the companies where it’s an individual effort that’s putting you in the group. When you work for VMware, EMC, HP, NetApp, VCE, etc… it’s easier to put in the effort because it aligns so well with your employer. For those of you who do it on your own account, I think you deserve extra credit. My hat is off to you. :-)

      • I am one of those, as well….all 3yrs. But, to be honest, it’s not really “work”, but my passion to give back to such an amazing community. Thanks for putting this together once again Jeramiah! And congrats on the recognition…well-deserved.

  3. cmegroz says:

    Good job ! but Spain and Swizerland have the same number of vExpert as Russian but cannot be see on the chart… perhaps the 15 first states is much more fair ;-)

    • JeramiahDooley says:

      Done. I expanded the report to include the top 15, let me know if that’s what you were looking for!

      • cmegroz says:

        Perfect ! well, I know I abuse but can also take the 15 companies ? ;-)

        • JeramiahDooley says:

          I updated the company list to 15 as well, just for you. Thanks for reading and commenting!

          • cmegroz says:

            Strange, you wrote that only 14 Companies have multiple vExpert, but we are 3, on my company and I cannot see it on the chart … no way thanks for all

          • My guess is that people have been updating their information over the last couple days, and that’s changed the math somewhat!

  4. Hugo Strydom says:

    Hey, U left me out in South Africa :-)

    But good stats !!

    • JeramiahDooley says:

      Hugo: Once you get access to the vExpert forum on VMTN, you’ll be able to update your own information. I did what I could, but it’s a big list. :-) The graphs above will automatically update as the data in the sheet changes!

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  6. Larry Gonzalez - VM says:

    Hope to see Costa Rica there soon ;)

  7. Andrew Miller says:

    Disclosure: Varrow employee here.

    Absolutely love it…both just the statistics in general and to see where Varrow ranks.

    I’m actually working on a “vExperts to employees ratio” blog post (given we’re around 100 employees, you can guess at some of my conclusions ;-).

  8. Luc Dekens says:

    Great post, always love nice graphics.

    Would perhaps be interesting to see the vExperts per capita, the vExpert density :-)
    Our Dutch friends would come out top of the list I guess.

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  10. Andrew Miller says:

    Just put up a vExperts to employees post (not quite per capita as Luc suggested but similar)…


    (Jeramiah, hope you don’t mind the shameless blog self promotion. ;-)

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  12. Jimmy Hester says:

    I’m not a math guy, but I think 199 US vExperts / 313,000,000 population = 0.0000635%

    Feel free to mock my subpar math skills if I missed a zero somewhere, though. I’m always messing up some mundane detail.

    • Hmmm… Let me look at the original numbers. Maybe they left off a bunch of zeros at the end… In fact, I’ll be that’s what it is…

    • So, yes. They dropped three zeros from each of the population numbers, meaning you get to add three zeros after the decimal point, making your math spot on. :-)

      However, I’m going to leave it since the charts don’t like numbers that small. :-) I’ll make a note that it’s per 1,000 people.

  13. awesome stats, good work

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  15. Michael Hart says:

    So there are only 67 of us left from the original 300 in 2009?

    • There may be more, but only 67 who have been included in the group every year. Some from 2009 are once again vExperts after one or more years absence.

      • Michael Hart says:

        Almost thought we were getting eliminated one by one…weave and bob, weave and bob.

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  17. Larry Gonzalez - VM says:

    Is the chart still updating? There were many new vExperts that were having issues activating the account on the forum and filling the new profile, now that is solved so I wonder if ca get a refreshed chart (I still do not see my country, Costa Rica ;) )

    • Hey Larry! The charts are indeed updating. You are the one and only vExpert in Costa Rica, but with a population density of 0.02% you don’t make the top 10/15 cutoff for those graphs. Your data is in the system though, I promise! Thanks for participating!