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Over in the Twitter-verse there was a question asked by @aneel:

It got me thinking, especially since Cisco (@aneeI’s employer) tends to leverage them to a significant degree and VCE (partially owned by Cisco) has traditionally been the opposite side of that coin.  Personally, I think both are valid ways to go to market, […]

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Just a quick post to share with you a milestone that I’m pretty excited about.  I made my first post to this blog on February 13, 2010 and what started out as a way for me to help organize my thoughts and share things with my internal team has […]

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While working with a customer last week on a multi-site, production virtualization design using the 700-series Vblocks, a question came up over the scalability of the Cisco MDS switches.  The customer has MDS 9222i switches in use now, and each Vblock included a pair of MDS 9506 switches for […]

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While there were certainly announcements made and technologies previewed on the last two days of the conference, it was instead, for me, a great time to celebrate community and the great people who have made VMworld great. 

I wish I could give you some sense of the scope of […]

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Let’s be honest: some companies just wish their infrastructure would disappear.  Now, I work for a joint venture between two of the largest infrastructure companies on earth, so while I may get some flack internally for saying that out loud, we all see where the trend is going, don’t […]

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And the hits just keep on coming from VMworld.

Day two kicked off with Steve Herrod’s keynote, and he introduced a couple new VMware projects.  Appblast, which allows you to start a Windows App on any HTML 5 client, ThinApp Factory, which scans your local device and lets you […]

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The first day of VMware is always a tone-setter for me.  Sunday is a way to ease in, get your bearings, try and sync up your body clock and get ready, but Monday really determines what kind of conference it’s going to be.  If today is any indication, we […]

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More and more of the discussions I have with service providers revolve around how to tackle the challenges being placed on the operations side of the house.  Fortunately, VCE and the Vblock have lots of tools and features that we can bring to bear on that issue, and one key piece of that story is […]

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With the announcement of vSphere 5, and more importantly it seems, with the change in the way that enterprise licenses are sold and managed, there has been a lot of talk (here and elsewhere) about how the cost of virtualizing, especially in a dense fashion got more expensive.  I […]

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If you haven’t seen it yet, the new vCenter Web Client is beautiful.  Seriously, it looks great.  There seems to be a good bit of Flash used which can be painful at times, but it’s definitely the best looking GUI that VMware has ever created IMO.  Is it a replacement for the full vCenter client? […]

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Playing around in the lab this week, I noticed something interesting.  I’m not sure if it’s a bug, or by design, but it’s new with vSphere 5 so I wanted to share.

I have one lab that has vSphere 5 installed on internal hard drives, and everything looks just like it should.  When I look […]

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So right up front, I’ll tell you there’s no way I’m offering an opinion on this topic. There’s no upside, and I’ve learned my lesson the hard way. For all of you who have sent me a DM, e-mail, etc.. asking if I was going to put up a […]

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I was lucky enough to have Jay Cuthrell (@qthrul) back out at the last minute (ha) and was offered a spot in one of the daily vblogs that Cisco’s Didier Rombaut (@drombaut) and Brian Gracely (@bgracely) are doing every day here at Cisco Live 2011.  Also in the video is my fellow Charlottean and good […]

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Kevin McLaughlin did a lengthy story over on in May about how Unified Communications is the “next big thing”, and while his reasoning is sound, including his observation that Cisco is leading the pack, I would argue that we’ve passed […]

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This post grew out of a conversation I had on Twitter last week with Ed Haletky (@texiwill) and Brent Quick (@brent_quick) on Twitter.  Trying to cram everything in 140-character snippets was driving my crazy, so I threatened to turn my ranting into a […]

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This is a quick addendum to the recent posts on my home lab, showing what can happen when you don't think all the way through a migration project!

As part of building out the new lab, I needed to move all of my internal management VMs over. They had been residing on an HP DL360 […]

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