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Listen, I’ll acknowledge right up front that the premise of the title of this post is ridiculous.  But considering some of the other more outlandish and dogmatic arguments I’ve seen around the topic of AWS and it’s position in the IaaS market lately, maybe it’s not that out of place.  Let’s all take a deep […]

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With my employer having EMC as a parent company, it’s not surprising that data, and all of the ways it impacts the strategy, operations and execution of businesses of every size, is a topic that comes up often.  The interesting part is seeing for myself how much data matters on a day-to-day basis in lots […]

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Right up front, I’ll let you know I don’t have any additional information on why AWS failed last week, nor do I have any opinion on Amazon’s communication (or lack thereof) during the outage.  I’m not an AWS customer, I’m not a security analyst and I don’t really have a dog in the IaaS fight […]

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