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As much as I love talking to customers, whiteboarding solutions and doing booth presentations, I miss the days of being able to attend VMworld as a fan, and as a user.  Despite having been to both 2011 VMworld events, I have yet to sit in a session, work through a lab or participate in any […]

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While there were certainly announcements made and technologies previewed on the last two days of the conference, it was instead, for me, a great time to celebrate community and the great people who have made VMworld great. 

I wish I could give you some sense of the scope of a conference this size, and […]

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Let’s be honest: some companies just wish their infrastructure would disappear.  Now, I work for a joint venture between two of the largest infrastructure companies on earth, so while I may get some flack internally for saying that out loud, we all see where the trend is going, don’t we?  The discussion isn’t GB […]

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And the hits just keep on coming from VMworld.

Day two kicked off with Steve Herrod’s keynote, and he introduced a couple new VMware projects.  Appblast, which allows you to start a Windows App on any HTML 5 client, ThinApp Factory, which scans your local device and lets you ThinApp the applications that can […]

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The first day of VMware is always a tone-setter for me.  Sunday is a way to ease in, get your bearings, try and sync up your body clock and get ready, but Monday really determines what kind of conference it’s going to be.  If today is any indication, we have a great week in […]

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What a day.  Since I arrived yesterday afternoon the amount of work that has been done behind-the-scenes is incredible.  I wish there was someone making a video/documentary about the work involved in pulling something this big, this massive, off just so that everyone could appreciate the dedication that EMC and their partners put into this […]

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